Saturday, December 10, 2011

Copame Children's Home

10 December 2011

Last night was the school's end of the semester/holiday party for the adult students.  There was food, drinks, a quiz game, karaoke, and a really nice time for everyone.

At the party, people were requested to donate disposable diapers for a local children's home, which we went to visit the next day and deliver the diapers.

We were given a tour and allowed to play with the children for about an hour.  Copame children's home was organized and clean, and the children well cared for.  There were so many children.  If I understood correctly, some are orphans and some are being fostered due to problems at home.

I played with the toddlers in a small room, picking them up and holding them one by one, and when my arms gave out I sat on the sofa with them in a puppy pile on top of me.  They wanted contact so badly, and I gave them as much love as I could in such a short time.

We were allowed to take photos inside but not of children's faces.  I have many photos, but there was an agreement which we had to sign before entering, and I think part of the agreement was that no photos from the inside part of the premises were to be published, so I can only post this photo taken from the parking area.

If it turns out that I can post more photos, I will add them later.

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