Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Santa Cruz before Oktoberfest

28 September 2011

Several of us foreign teachers went with a Brazilian friend today to the home of a seamstress so that we could be measured for Oktoberfest costumes.  The entire group of Brazilian and foreign friends will attend the festival in costume.  There is a double motivation - firstly, because it's more fun to be silly in matching costumes, and secondly, because the admission is half price for those in costume for the ten day festival.

The seamstress lives near UNISC, the local university.  It was about a twenty or thirty minute walk and nice to see some other areas.  Of course I took a few photos along the way.   Here is a mailbox which is quite common here but to my foreign eye very lovely.

Looking downhill toward the university.
On the return trip, we took a bus to downtown.  My first bus ride in Brazil.  You enter at the front, walk down to the seated fellow and pay him, then he allows you through the turnstile into the back of the bus and the exit is at the rear.

An interesting old building downtown Santa Cruz do Sul.
The main street all decked out for Oktoberfest.

The obligatory garden photo for today is a picture of a rosebush as seen through the block glass window.

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