Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Still sick...

Due to illness, I had to skip the school outing today to the cachaçaria (cane liquor distillery), which I was really looking forward to.

This cold virus seems to be, if anything, getting worse rather than better, despite my resting as much as possible and drinking tea like it is going out of style. Seems to me that most cold viruses are better treated by sleeping at home than going to a germy, cold hospital (in any country), but if it doesn't start to improve I'll have to do it.  I'm not keen on going to a hospital without being able to communicate well, but I've been told that after I apply for a card, the public health insurance will cover a doctor visit.  I guess that's something, although it doesn't mitigate the fear I feel at the thought of being helpless and clad in a paper gown with a doctor and unable to communicate.

No matter how old I get, at times like this I just want my mom.  Sigh.

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