Friday, September 23, 2011

Soccer and Wiffle Baseball

23 September 2011

At the Menino Deus community center this week we spent most of the time outside with the kids.  Another teacher who is from the USA brought a wiffle baseball set and taught the kids to play baseball, and other kids were playing soccer in the grass alongside.  Quite often the two games would intermingle as a ball would escape its playing area, which was pretty funny.

 In this shot the soccer ball was about to come up against the fence...
 ...where a free for all ensued trying to get control of it.  A couple kids ended up on their backsides in this little fray.

To my great surprise, having never been good at sports involving hand-eye coordination (particularly those involving a ball), I enjoy playing soccer with the kids. This is probably because it's really more like "keep away" and the object is to simply gain control of the ball, so I don't have to remember which direction I'm supposed to be going!

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