Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pizza with "a few friends"

15 September 2011

Last night I joined "a few friends" for pizza at the same nice restaurant I went to before, Fornalha.  Expecting the usual gathering of 8 people or so, boy was I surprised when I walked in and saw this small and intimate table:

As promised, this time I got a photo of the pizza while still in "presentation mode" rather than on the plate.  Isn't this cool?  (By the way, it's topped with minced chicken hearts, and quite tasty.)

I was a little bit hungry.  Om nom nom!!!
Showdown of the dueling cameras!  Did I win?
 Hey, now everyone wants to take pictures.  Copycats.
 This here is a "California pizza".  It has peaches, figs, pineapple and cherries.  I guess they think we are really sweet?
 And something even sweeter, the chocolate pizza with ice cream on top.  Yum.
After eating, the real photo fun can begin.
 Boy, was she surprised when she saw this photo!
 Extreme close-up!!! Hello darling!
 Say "cheese"!
Ummmm... don't look now, but I think there's a vampire behind you...

Moving around the table socializing post-pizza.

After we left the restaurant around 11:00pm or so, where should we end up but... the gas station again!  This being a Wednesday, there were not too many people there, so we went around the side to the tables.
The Lollipop Guild!
And getting sillier and sillier.

 It started out innocently enough...
But then, someone came down with hair envy...
 And then someone else tried it...
 And told a few friends about it...
 Until finally it became an all out hair borrowing craze!

 Haha so cute!

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