Saturday, September 24, 2011

Padaria Pritsch

This afternoon the school owners and some of the staff went to a popular local bakery and tea house called Padaria Pritsch.

The first thing one sees after heading upstairs to the dining room is that the place is huge!  The interior is lovely with antique chandeliers and wood everywhere.
 They begin by bringing dishes to the table: miniature sandwiches, sausages, candy, jams, bread, cakes and so on.  They also bring tea, coffee and hot chocolate.
 They kept refilling these platters every time we emptied them, so eventually we figured out we must leave some on the platters.
  Then, when you are quite stuffed with bread, candy and cake (interesting to have one's dessert as an appetizer), there are the buffet tables, which are groaning with more bite size savory and sweet things.
Oh, and did I mention cake?  Lots of cake.  Some of these cakes were really more like giant macaroons with fillings.  Sugar sugar sugar buzz buzz buzz!
There was not a single vegetable in the place.
I do not understand how Brazilians can survive consuming this kind of quantity of sugar and pastry.   They kept asking us foreigners if we didn't want more, long after we had gotten too full to eat another bite.

When we got back, it was late afternoon and I couldn't resist taking a few more springtime photos. This orange flower popped up among the blue-violet flowers I like so much.

When I arrived in Brazil, the pergola was covered in dormant rose vines, which are now leafing out and putting out a few red roses and tiny yellow clusters.

 Playing with the focus adjustments.  Roses are such good subjects!

Behind my little cottage up against the fence I spotted what I thought looked like a dark purple rose, so I went behind for a closer look, and sure enough, a purple rose, of a type I haven't seen before - a wild rose variety.  Too bad they are against a barbed wire fence instead of a softer background, but it makes for an interesting contrast.

 This cluster was jutting up under the eaves.

 The lamps on the property are probably from the original date.  I will have to ask whether these were converted from gas to electric. Gorgeous.

 I don't enjoy the rain, but the clouds here are so beautiful afterward as the storm breaks up and blows away.

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