Saturday, September 10, 2011

I live in a garden

10 September, 2011

Today it was warm and sunny, and I felt a little better, enough to walk around the grounds taking photos of the garden awakening to springtime.

I've mentioned these air plants before, but my earlier attempts at photographing them were less than stellar.  Here is a closeup of the flower - this one is in a hanging pot so I was able to get a nice shot.  
Usually they are up in trees, like this, which is why it's been hard to get a pic of one in bloom.
Azaleas are very popular here as well.  Note that this one has a tiny air plant attached to it!
 We have a few coral-colored azaleas here, I think they are the prettiest.
There are also some beautiful white azaleas.  Hmmm, maybe they are the prettiest instead.
And there are massive bushes of hot pink azaleas all over the grounds.

Orchids are in their natural habitat here and grow in gardens, planters and pots like geraniums back home.  This variety in particular grows everywhere, even on trees! (next four pictures)

Potted orchids also grace the school here and there. This one is especially lovely, as is the bay window it sits in.

Lucky me, I caught a bee!
There are so many citrus trees in the garden that even when I was at my sickest, I could smell the scent of the citrus blossoms when out in the yard.  Sometimes I can even smell them inside the house.  The scent is even more elusive and beautiful than jasmine.
I don't know what this small blue-violet flower is, but isn't it lovely?  Each blossom is about 5cm across.

Tropical trees blossom too!
Close-up of the flowers, awesome!
This is one of many herbs in the garden here.  It's called "Bold" and is said to be good for settling the stomach.
I wonder what these huge pods are - probably something poisonous.  They look cool, though, hanging down all over the tree like green monkey tails.
Even the steps are part of the garden!

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