Saturday, August 27, 2011

Saturday evening

Spring is coming.  It's midnight, and the air outside is warm and smells of citrus blossoms from the trees in the garden.  It has just begun raining, but this time it is warm with soft, fat drops instead of a cold drizzle or downpour.  I have the windows open because it still is nice out, and I can hear the constant thrumming of the subwoofers from the car stereos of the cruising kids out on the streets.

Today was a warm, dry day, and I went to lunch with a fellow teacher and a Brazilian friend, then to the Book Fair which was set up around the fountain pool in the park by the church.  There was a stage set up and they had some theatrical players called "saltimbancos"; the performances were funny and cute and folksy, reminding me of the Renaissance Italian commedia dell'arte from my years at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire.

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In the evening, I joined the other three new teachers for dinner, which one of them cooked for all of us.  It was really so nice of her, and we had a fun evening eating, drinking wine, and playing "Who am I?" until almost midnight.


Update: It's now 12:30am and the car stereos are still blaring, and the fat raindrops still falling.  Add to this the occasional strong flash of lightning and impressive roll of thunder.  And at this point I'm ready to hit the pillow and sleep through it all.

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