Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Birds in the morning

Here is a picture of some brightly colored birds that were in the tree outside my bathroom window this morning.

Last night it rained all night again, and when I woke up my clocks were blinking because the power had been out.  It's been another cloudy, drizzly day today, but the humidity was a bit less - the floors are no longer sweating. As you can see from the photo above, when it's cloudy here it's surprisingly dark, as the clouds are heavy with rain.  The weather forecast says there will be sunshine tomorrow.  Yay!

Taught two children's classes today: one group of kindergarten age kids and one group of ten-year-olds.  The kindergarteners were very sweet, but it's hard to keep them speaking English for an hour and fifteen minutes - I think that might even be a challenge for some of the adults. The older kids were a mixed group of boys and girls, so the class dynamic was very different from yesterday's group of ten-year-olds.  

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