Wednesday, August 17, 2011

dusky goodness

Today  was a light day in terms of lessons for me.  I spent some time working on the second set of lessons for the week; having classes that meet twice a week but which are not using a set curriculum means that I have to see where I am after each lesson so that I can plan the next one accordingly.

My all-girl afternoon kids' class today made me turn my back and drew me a "valentine" on the board, with all their names next to it.  It was the sweetest thing!  They had written some of their names and others their nicknames, and when I asked about it, they ALL told me their nicknames, so cute!

The kids' classes always want to play outside the last few minutes and that seems to be the reward for good behavior here.  Today I taught my class how to play hide and seek "sardine" style.  Ended up crouched with the kids in the bushes and when I came inside afterward, I found a whole crop of bleeding bites on my leg.  Apparently there is some kind of insect here, possibly an ant, that must anesthetize when it bites because I didn't feel them at all.  I'm sure I'll be feeling them in a few days, though, as all of the insect bites here seem to have a delayed reaction, looking awful but not beginning to itch until a few days later.  This makes me somewhat frightened to experience summer, as the locals say there are "hardly any" insects yet... but I've been bitten by mosquitoes, flies and now ants.  Eeeek!

This evening before class I stepped out to see another wonderful sunset full of dusky goodness.  The soft peach and pink hues painted softly on the turquoise sky came out fairly well even on my little camera.

In this last photo on the power lines you can see little spiky things.  These are not barbed wire, they are some kind of clumps of moss similar to the "air plants" that they sell as novelties back home.  Plants like these in a wide variety of shapes and sizes can be found all over trees, power wires, rocks, poles, roofs and just about everywhere here. Even the palm trees have lichens and mosses all over their trunks. 

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