Monday, August 15, 2011

Cottonball clouds at sunset

This evening before I went to class, the sky was amazingly beautiful.  The small, fluffy bits of cloud filled the entire sky, softly highlighted by the changing light of sunset.

Today I had two more new classes, one for adults which is the same level as two of my other classes, but two hours on one night instead of split over two days.   The other was "writing for kids", which was much more challenging to teach because the 12 kids' ability levels varied more widely than I had expected.  I'm glad I have this just once a week, because before the next lesson I will need to figure out some multi level activities.

Tomorrow I have my kindergarten class and I'm a little nervous.  Last week I had a new boy join on the second day, and he became overwhelmed and started to cry while we were playing a game in the room.  I had to call for Portuguese speaking help because I was unsure what the matter was.  One of the secretaries took him out of the room for about half an hour and brought him back near the end when the kids were on the playground, so I spent some time sitting with him and coloring.  I felt so badly over the incident that I hardly slept that night for worrying and beating myself up over it.  My head knows that small children often cry suddenly, but my heart hurts when they do, and I feel that I've failed in my mission to keep them all happy all the time (mission impossible?).  The little boy will come back and his dad will stay in the room tomorrow to help him adjust, which makes me both grateful and nervous at the same time.

Based on some very helpful advice from one of my colleagues here regarding keeping the littles under control and happy, I'm going to make several changes in my approach, including the room and furniture, and see if things improve. Please wish me luck.


  1. You must be a wonderful teacher - caring so much about every student shows it, and takes its toll on you, too. Enjoy those cloudscapes and every little thing that lifts your spirits higher - you deserve it for bringing the best you can to your students every day!

  2. I love that you care, and that you work so hard on behalf of your students. I sure hope it goes more smoothly for you today! Love the pics of the clouds...of course, I couldn't help but get the song "Little Fluffy Clouds" by the Orb stuck in my head (ear'll be there all night)!


  3. Thank you, Maggie and Catherine. I am feeling more optimistic this morning, but still anxious. The only way to get rid of the nerves is to get it over with. (watching the clock)