Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Two down, one to go

My calendar entry for today says "don't panic".

Update on my three major hurdles:
  • I have just received word that they have obtained a car hire to take me and cat to Beijing tomorrow, that's one major issue solved. Phew!
  • Second issue, that of mailing stuff, is now postponed, as I was able to cram all of my stuff into my two suitcases; I can go to a post office in Beijing, or just check two suitcases on my flight if necessary.
  • Third issue, the cat's government health papers, still working on it...

I'm mostly done packing at this point - all of the clothing, books, and gifts are the bags, but there are a bunch of little things that I'm still using (toiletries, computer and other electronics, coats etc.) which always seem to end up taking MUCH more space than I think they will. Today I'm sorting that out, and trying to get some cleaning done.

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