Friday, February 18, 2011

Heading Home

Have had a whirlwind time in Beijing, there is so much to see here. I couldn't keep up with the blogging and still have time to see it all! Will have to upload more photos after I get home.

I'm leaving China tomorrow... wish me luck. I've got the proper paperwork for the cat now, but since not a lot of people fly with pets here, I expect to get the runaround at the airport, am planning to get there three hours early just to get the cat sorted.

So sorry for my poor cat, he is just starting to forgive me for the six hour car ride to Beijing and the several visits to vets and administrative agencies and the change in his environment and so on... He is really terrified of people (he doesn't realize that I am one), so when he has to go somewhere in the carrier, he just curls up in a little ball inside it and trembles quietly. Spending twenty-plus hours in a carrier will be hell for him, especially if they can't figure things out and he ends up having to go as "cargo" instead of in cabin with me. The United customer service rep said it would be no problem and I reserved the space and blablabla, but the rep was in the US and everything is different in China.

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