Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy New Year, part 2

Even after watching the fireworks all evening, I was NOT prepared for what happened at midnight!

The fireworks at midnight were so intense that the area was lit up like lightning, and the smoke was everywhere. It was unbelievably loud. This video will give you some idea, but still doesn't convey the magnitude of what it felt like.

I watched and filmed for a few minutes, but it was so overwhelming that I eventually ended up hiding under the blankets with the cat!

This morning the firecrackers (the noisy kind) started at 5:00 AM. There are huge piles of red firework debris as evidence of last night's excitement.
After the new year, every business "reopens" with firecrackers at some point, keeping the noise going. Last year I arrived here a week after this, and still the fireworks were a constant background sound every day, so I can just get used to it from now on.

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