Sunday, November 14, 2010

Warmth, and a typical work week

Today the heat was turned on in my apartment, yay! The heaters are a kind of radiator through which hot water runs. I don't know whether there is a charge for it or not, and frankly, I don't care, I will happily pay to be warm and comfortable. I was a bit nervous about this process, because when they turned on the heaters at my school two weeks ago, water shot out of several of them, flooding the floors, and then they were shut off for another week and a half. However, it seems to be just fine here in my apartment, no leaks so far.

This week will be a busy one, not much time to rest even on my days off (Monday and Tuesday).

Today (Monday), a Chinese colleague is supposed to help me take the cat to the vet this afternoon, but it's after 12:00 and I haven't heard from him yet...

This evening, the owner of the main school wants to take all of the foreign English teachers to dinner at a restaurant. This usually involves a lot of beer, which isn't really my thing. It's across town from here so will require a long taxi ride.

Tomorrow, the principal at my school has said she wants to take me shopping for a winter coat. This is good, because I'm neither a good judge of quality, nor good at bargaining to get a decent price.

On Wednesday, we will have a Chinese lesson over at the main school (an hour away), and we are being pressured strongly to attend. I'm not enthusiastic about it, because I usually use all day Wednesday and Friday to prepare the weekend's lessons. In the evening I have kindergarten classes.

On Thursday, the foreign teachers have our weekly meeting which lasts until noon, also an hour away. In the afternoon will be some special promotional classes to be taught at a local primary school, and in the evening, my kindergarten classes.

On Friday, I will try to get all the lessons done that I couldn't on Wednesday and teach kindergarten in the evening.

Saturday and Sunday I teach nine hours each day, from 8am to 8pm, which pretty much speaks for itself.

There you have it, my typical work week.

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