Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Just another day

Managed to get the cat to the veterinary clinic on Tuesday and got some deworming meds, one dose to be taken that day and a follow up to be taken in two weeks' time. I asked about vaccinations and was told that the only ones available here are rabies and fleas (I never heard of a shot for fleas before). I suspect that will make taking him out of China a nightmare, as he will almost certainly be quarantined without the vaccines that are standard back home.

The foreign teachers' dinner was nice, pretty relaxed, another "German" style BBQ place. Apparently in China "German" means BBQ, strangely costumed wait staff, and beer brewed on the premises. I think I ate more meat at that dinner than I've had in my entire stay in China.

Feeling under the weather and coughing up icky stuff - finally understanding why all the locals spit on the ground. Ugh. Maybe due to all the air pollution. The smog was bad today.

The water in the apartment has been off since around 3pm this afternoon (it's now after 10pm) and I don't expect it back before noon. There is a HUGE hole in the street where workers were digging earlier in the day which is now filled with dirty swirling water; I suspect they hit a water main or something. Who needs showers? Good thing I had my spare bucket full of water so I can wash my hands and flush the toilet at least once...

Stopped off at the little restaurant I frequent on the way home tonight for a quick dinner of noodle soup, only 5 RMB, yum. Ran into my co-worker there so we ate together, it was nice to have company.

The heaters in the apartment are so efficient that I have to open the window a bit at night even though I've turned the heater in the bedroom off. I may turn all of them off but the one in the bathroom. It is very nice to have a warm bathroom in the winter, especially as I must conserve water when showering (i.e., turn off the water when soaping/scrubbing) because (a) the more water I run, the more water I have to mop; and (b) the hot water tank is very small.

The new shoes are fairly comfortable, but not comfortable enough to make standing for 10 hours teaching really comfy. I might try some insoles if I can find them.

Yesterday there was a power outage for less than a minute, but my wireless router won't connect to the internet at all since then so I'm tethered to the desk again.

Need to get some sleep so I can beat this cold. Also need to drink more, I think I haven't been drinking nearly enough liquids lately. I've decided not to attend the meeting over at the main school in the morning, but will still be teaching promos in the afternoon and classes in the evening.

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