Monday, November 1, 2010

Finding things to love...

Sometimes I get too focused on the things I don't like in my surroundings, so I need to remind myself to look for things to love.

In China, people often hold hands (women) or link arms (women or men) with same-sex friends. I love this show of gentle affection, and am always surprised and very touched when a friend takes my arm while walking.

While waiting at a bus stop today, an elderly man who was waiting with his wife asked me where I was from (in Chinese). When I told him, he replied, "America". He then mustered up the English he had learned fifty years ago to converse briefly. He smiled and waved from the bus window as his bus pulled away. It was sweet and made me smile.

My students. (When they are not misbehaving!) They can be cute and sweet and funny and enthusiastic and affectionate, and teaching children has been a thousand times better than I had imagined it would be.

Chinese food. Not only do I like the food here, I have lost around 30 pounds/15 kg so far. Of course, there are some foods here that are so alien they frighten me, but I'm able to pick and choose the things I want to eat, which suits me very well.

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