Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day Off

Oh my goodness, I had a whole day off today. It was sooooooo nice. I talked with a friend, played with my kitten, read a novel, and generally decompressed.

This evening I did muster the oomph to go out to the store and buy a new rice cooker, since my old one seems to be slowly dying (half cooked rice is not very tasty). Then when I got home I worked on a lesson for Monday.

Tomorrow I have the day off too, but have promised to go "shopping" with a new Chinese friend who is so gung-ho that I have a feeling it will end up being an all day excursion. She is the mother of one of my first-graders, and she is trying very hard to learn English to support her daughter's efforts. She has been very kind to me and to the other foreign teacher at my school, and I am happy to have a Chinese friend who is not a co-worker.

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  1. Mmmm crunchy rice... NOT... Hope the new one lasts longer :)