Monday, September 6, 2010

Kitten is feeling better

The kitten seems to be adjusting well. He is still shy and hides, but I can lure him out with a string now, and he comes out to explore his surroundings when he thinks I'm not looking.

He climbed up onto the couch to sleep in the night instead of hiding under it, which is softer and warmer, because even though I put a towel under there for him to lay on he just lays on the hard floor.

He is eating soft cat food and a little dry food, but doesn't like milk. The milk from a box tastes strange, can't say I blame him. He is using the litterbox (wash basin with kitty litter in it, actually), although not always good at burying things really well.

It may be a while before I can get a decent picture of him, since he is so scaredy.

As for me, today I have a sore throat and other cold symptoms, no doubt due to meeting 150+ new students over the weekend and picking up something I didn't have an immunity to. Want to go out to get some vitamins and fruit, but having a hard time getting up the energy. I need to get well fast, no time to be sick!


  1. I'm mostly commenting to let you know I am still enjoying your blog very much.

    A small thought about the kitten - We got our Frank from a breeder, he had spent the first 5 months of his life in a house full of cats. As soon as we let him out of the carton he came home in he ran under the bed in one of our guest rooms. (We kept him apart from our other cat at first and introduced them to each other gradually.) My idea was to let him come out when he was ready but after a couple of hours my husband couldn't stand leaving him under there scared and lonely any longer. So he dug him out and held him and petted him gently for quite a while. He wasn't a feral cat but I don't think he had snuggled much with humans before either.
    Anyway he's been very affectionate ever since, although I soon turned out to be his special human.

    I'm wondering if maybe forcing a little quiet holding and stroking on your baby might not be ok. I know you don't want to do anything to frighten her more but she might find she enjoys your body warmth and realize you aren't out to hurt her.

    I know I could be completely wrong, so please ignore me if you think so. I'm sure with your loving heart and good care everything will be fine anyway.

    I hope you both have the best of health very soon.

  2. Thanks Kaimi. Yesterday I played with him a lot and he is now sleeping on top of the furniture instead of under it, and no longer running away when I move around the house (mostly). Last night he even slept with me for a short time. When he wakes up he is hungry and cries and looks for a place to suckle on my skin, that is so sad. Once I've gotten up and fed him he is out of sleep mode and we have to start all over again with play mode.

    He still doesn't much like to be petted (yet), but playing with my hand more and I think he is beginning to see me as a littermate/mom instead of threat now.

  3. Oh yeah, it sounds like he's bonding now. *hugs you both*

  4. Yes, he is bonding, albeit more slowly than other kittens I've had. Starting to attempt to train him NOT to attack my hand now, as his claws are getting sharper.

    He has one eye that looks infected (lots of mucus and squinting) so will see if I can treat it with warm cloths. Like he will hold still for that... haha.