Sunday, July 4, 2010


I and all my things are now safely moved across town to another apartment. I can't say "new" apartment, because it's a pretty old building. The living room and bedrooms are nice, new flooring, lots of closet space, and a fancy shelving system in the living room. The mattress, washing machine, refrigerator and microwave are brand new. However, the kitchen and bathroom have seen better days, and come with little pets (cockroaches).

Last night, of course after the school guye had left, the toilet decided not to fill up anymore. After checking to make sure the water was still on in the apartment, I proceeded to open the tank, at which point the flushing knob broke, or rather, was already broken, as it was a bunch of strings tied together that broke. Thankfully there is a wash basin, so I can flush the toilet by pouring water down it until it is repaired. The school guys and the repairman will be here this afternoon.

Last night and this morning I've unpacked almost everything, done a load of laundry, chased some roaches, and made a halfway successful store run. I say halfway successful because I turned the wrong way out of the drive and walked farther INTO the complex rather than out of it; that was the unsuccessful part, as the plan was to go out to the main road and catch a bus to a big supermarket. The successful part is that in another set of buildings there was a small mom-and-pop supermarket and I could get a few things and some popsicles.

This is a "community" of apartments, in other words, a whole lot of them. There are lettered sections of buildings, each with its own street and gate and parking garage. I'm in the E section, building 1, 14th floor. Outside the window are more apartment buildings, and more apartment buildings. The view is beautiful at night.

After the repairman leaves, I want to make another try for that supermarket, as there are a number of items I would like to get for the apartment, as well as having very little fresh food on hand.

Tired. Back hurts. Hate moving. Happy to have air conditioning and light blocking curtains. Time to try to nap until the repairman arrives.

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