Sunday, July 4, 2010

Kissed by an Angel

Today was my last class at the university. On the final day, we give an oral exam by the Chinese teacher and the foreign teacher each asking a few questions of each student individually. It's probably the closest one on one time I have had with my students (except for the really little kindergarten kids) all semester. I finally have the chance to speak to each student without the entire class looking on, look into their eyes and watch them thinking.

This particular class is level 1, and the students are 7-8 years old. One little girl's English name is Angel, and she was wearing a bright pink shirt with "Angel" on the front. While I was writing out her congratulatory "diploma", after I wrote her name on it, she surprised me by giving me a hug and a kiss. This small hug and kiss from Angel has me watery eyed and feeling like it's all been worth while.

It's also a source of inspiration, as I am now wondering how I can create a more meaningful contact with the children on a daily basis when teaching.