Saturday, June 12, 2010

A weekend off, sorta

Our normal Saturday and Sunday classes have been moved to Monday and Tuesday this week because of something or other to do with the public school schedule. This gives me a MUCH needed respite for two days. This afternoon I decided to go ahead and try to get at least one lesson prepared, so that I won't have so many to do tomorrow. Well, I got two lessons prepared, go me!

As for the health, the cough is still a problem, still taking antibiotics, it may come to a hospital visit with a mystery IV yet. Not happy about this at all, but I am trying to rest as much as I can for these two days. I feel a bit better today, but that may be because I'm staying quiet.

This morning I decided to go to the supermarket since it was still cool outside, I knew once it got hot I wouldn't feel up to it. I thought that 9:00am would be a pretty quiet time there - WRONG! The whole upper floor was a madhouse. People were shouting on loudspeakers in the produce section, advertising heaven knows what. There were a lot more things laid out in the produce section and the fish section than I usually see, which makes me wonder if it's like this every morning; maybe I'm just getting the day's dregs when I shop in the afternoon. Along both sides of the floor were lines that stretched from one end to the other; I have no idea what the people were waiting for, but it must have been something worth waiting for, as the lines didn't appear to be moving at all.

I bought some Asian pears, because two Chinese colleagues have recommended cooked pears as a food to help a cough. I peeled them and boiled them with a little honey, and they were so delicious that even if it doesn't help the cough it was worth the trouble. Next time I will use less honey, because the liquid, which I figured I had better drink to get all of the pear-y goodness, was much too sweet.

I read for a long time today, which is soooooooooo nice, since I haven't had much time for it lately. Now it's almost 7:00pm; I think I'll read just a little more and when it gets too dark to read by natural light, I'll sleep.


  1. I am very happy that you are feeling better. I miss you, coming home soon?? :-)

  2. How are you feeling now?



  3. Thanks Linda, miss you too.

    Julie, I am still improving. Still couging occasionally, but no longer constantly and the junk that comes up is now clear, which seems to indicate the infection has gone. Even after teaching all day on Monday and Tuesday I seem to be getting better.

    Spring semester is ending, so after this weekend about half my classes will be finished, and the following weekend will take care of all but a couple classes that started late, and so I'll have a couple of weeks to rest after that.

  4. Everyone passes on their best wishes and prayers for you to get better soon. Keep resting as much as you can. *hugses*