Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Prayer request

Please send me some prayer power.

I'm very concerned about my health. I felt better for a few days, but now the cough has dropped so low in my chest that it is frightening, and the phlegmy vibration of it makes me feel as if I will throw up. I have had many bouts with bronchitis in my life, but this feels worse and to be honest, I'm afraid.

Yesterday I began another course of the antibiotic Azithromycin. I've looked up the drug and the information available seems to indicate that a 5 day course is normal for Azithromycin, but the 250mg that the package directs is considered a "pediatric" dosage; apparently the normal adult dosage is 500-2000mg, so this time I am doubling the amount to 500mg per day.

This self treatment is scary, but I found the hospitals in Japan quite horrid, and haven't any reason to think they will be better here (the clinic where I got my physical for the visa was completely unsanitary). Apparently, just as in Japan, one is expected not to question the doctors at all. A number of colleagues, both Chinese and non-Chinese, have gone to the doctor with bad cold symptoms and were given an IV... and to a one, they have no idea what the IV contained! One colleague had one and they missed a vein and her hand swelled up grotesquely for days.

As long as I can still breathe, self-treatment seems preferable to that. And, of course, lots of prayer.

Today, as the icing on the cake, I have a bad case of diarrhea; most likely a side effect of the Azithromycin. I've taken some medicine, but am still waiting for it to take effect, so I phoned the school. It's an hour's bus ride to the school where I teach on weeknights - that is just not possible with diarrhea. It took me a couple of tries to convey this clearly enough, but once they understood, they said they would phone the parents and reschedule tonight's classes to tomorrow night.

I hope all of you are feeling better than I am right now. Take care and God bless.


  1. OMG OMG!!!!

    I send you all prayers I have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (crossing all my fingers too)

    PLEASE take care and I hope so much you will feel better soon!!!!!!!!!!!

    (a million hugs)

  2. Prayers and huggggggs! How ya doin?


  3. Not better yet, it's looking like a doctor visit may be in the near future.

  4. Mary - have you been in touch with the US Embassy? They often have medical contact lists for US citizens.

  5. My school staff will take me to the hospital if I decide to go, that isn't a problem. The problem is that I don't feel comfortable with their hospitals.

    Have just gotten a new prescription for another antibiotic, will give that a try, if no improvement then I will go for my mystery IV. :(

  6. I am trying to figure out this blogging thing, i have just been reading and giving you bits in Face book so here i am trying it here. Be well honey, careful of the IV's that scares me. comment on my face book when you get a chance, love you, xxoo~ Linda

  7. Linda, good to hear from you, thanks.

  8. Thinking about you a lot sweetie! Take care, I dunno how to pray :D but all my thoughts are with you!!! Get better soon!! (As we used to say on Slackers - Speedy Recovery) :D

  9. Thank you Maka. Every positive thought counts.

  10. /me holds your little hand, squeezes it gently and smiles for you dear lady... We are all do very proud of you.... :) gran

  11. Thanks granelda, I get by with a little help from my friends! ;)