Thursday, May 27, 2010

Summer colds and Chinese breakfast

Yes, the title is a non-sequitur, but it will help me remember what I'm supposed to be writing about. I have a sinus infection that is giving me quite a headache/earache combination at the moment, so I will keep this brief.

I have only had this cold for a few days, but it was quite clear by this morning that I have a sinus infection (I will spare you the details), so I started taking the azithromycin I had on hand from the pharmacy. A co-worker dropped by and gave me some Chinese cough syrups that she doesn't like the taste of. One of them says it will help with laryngitis, so I took that as my voice is a wreck today and I need to be fit to teach for the weekend.

Skipped our two-hour Chinese lesson today so that I could stay home and rest, and for a wonder I actually slept for three hours during the day. It's 8pm now and I've got as much done on lessons as I can stand for today, so I will go to bed shortly.

As for Chinese Breakfast, I found a website by that name. It is archaic and poorly laid out, and apparently hasn't been updated since the 90's, but contains some really wonderful pictures and information about Chinese street food, and breads in particular. Much of this I see every day at the street vendors, as this is a bread-eating region.

Following the links, I also found another section, where the author has collected information and photos of the farmers selling their goods.

The weather has been hot lately, in the 80's and 90's. As far as I'm concerned it would be fine if it didn't get any hotter, but as it's only May, I suspect that summer will be mostly in the 90's. I haven't needed a jacket or a blanket in weeks. I'm not hot enough yet to turn on the air conditioner, especially since it's in the living room where I don't spend so much time, but I did see a small fan on sale cheap at the department store near the university and hopefully can pick one up this weekend.

This evening it is raining softly after an initial heavy downpour that flooded the courtyard, which has no drainage to speak of. The air has cooled down so nicely now.

Last but not least, I have an important career decision to make and am not at liberty to discuss the details yet, so please keep me in your thoughts and prayers.


  1. I really hope you will feel better sooon!!!!!!!!!


    Nice links!!!

  2. You are in my thoughts and prayers. For the new career opportunity and for getting well again very soon! And for just because.
    And thanks for all the pictures.

  3. Thank you, Obee, your support means the world to me. (((hugs back)))

    Kaimi, thank you for the kind thoughts and prayers, I am grateful.


  4. Sinus infections are a real drag Mary. Please take care and take your vitamins! Coleen

  5. My sinus hurts just thinking about it :(
    Thanks for the links to the food stuff :) That will be fun looking over

  6. Thanks Coleen, hopefully I will have enough voice for a chat one of these days! (((hugs)))

    Glad you like it Chef! The food page has actually been quite handy since I discovered it, as these many kinds of breads are all over the place, and I like to know what's inside BEFORE I buy it.