Tuesday, May 11, 2010

End of the weekend

Tuesday night, and the beginning of another work week for me. We have a meeting tomorrow morning and with my changed schedule, I will have no time at home for lesson planning tomorrow at all, so I spent several much of today working.

A colleague and I are hoping to take a trip to Qingdao on our "weekend" next Monday and Tuesday and come home Wednesday, so I am also trying to get some of next week's work prepped because I have to head for class at 3:30pm on Wednesdays.

Yesterday she and I went to a local park/botanical garden here in Jinan. We were both pleasantly surprised how nice the park was, especially since there was no admission fee. It is a nice large park with a little lake, and trees and rose arbors everywhere. Most of the roses had few blossoms but a million buds, so we hope to go back in a couple of weeks when the roses are blooming like crazy. There is even a miniature amusement park inside it. I'm getting very behind on uploading photos...

As far as health goes, the antibiotic seems to have worked, the infection is gone and I have just a little irritation-cough from time to time. If I could get rid of that, I think I might finally be able to stop catching every virus in the vicinity.

Chinese language lessons are helping a lot; my vocabulary is still quite limited, but spoken Chinese is finally starting to sound like LANGUAGE to me instead of just sound, which is a huge breakthrough.

After two-plus months, I'm finally beginning to adjust to life here. The city is looking nicer with the leaves on the trees; although nothing can make it less urban than it is, the trees make a big difference. I'm now able to get around more easily by bus and direct the taxi drivers without pointing at my map.

I'm getting used to teaching children - the long hours on the weekends are still exhausting, but I'm recovering more quickly each week and am no longer twisted with anxiety at the start of each week. I sure wish I had had at least ONE class in early childhood education... I never envisioned myself teaching this age group. The kids are very cute, but they can be a real handful at times, and I'm sure there are "tricks of the trade" that it would have been useful to know.

I had a mini-scare with my laptop, I thought the sound card had died because the sound had dropped to barely audible suddenly a few weeks ago and was unable to make outgoing calls this morning. However, I had a local computer guy come out to look at it tonight, and it turns out that I had toggled a mute switch and didn't realize it. Embarrassing, but I'm very happy that my laptop is OK, as I can't afford to replace it. All's well that ends well.


  1. Ah, nothing like moving to an entirely new area, with novel pathogens. I ran through every bug in Guelph, my first few months here. Glad you're feeling better! Hang in there, you brave adventuress, you!

  2. (((((hugs Catherine)))))

  3. Good to hear you are surmounting the viral stuffs. By the time you leave you will be immune to everything, lol. I can't wait to see your pictures - you going to upload to Flickr?

    I did the same thing last night at Neveriven. Came in couldn't hear music. Relogged, still no music....then I had the DOH moment..last place I had been had me turn down all my sound settings but one... fixed that and voila...music :)

  4. Hi Dmom! I would prefer to upload the pics here so everything is in one place, but first I have to resize them and go through them and pick out the ones that are worth uploading. Which reminds me, I need to re-upload the last batch as they don't show correctly on the page here.

    Turns out the no sound problem was only partly me. Skype will allow me to call Skype-to-Skype, but not Skype-to-phone. Spent some time with their tech support last night to no avail. Today I found out that one of my local colleagues is experiencing the same problem, so it may be something to do with the local Skype server or something. I hope they will get it fixed soon since I am paying for the ability to use Skype-to-phone to call home.

  5. Hey girl! Missed ya last night on ym..waaaa
    Glad your settling in and feeling better : )
    Hope to catch up to you soon


  6. (((((hugs Julie))))) Maybe next time...