Thursday, April 29, 2010

Power Outage

Today our apartment building will shut off the power from 8:30-18:30. Found out about it yesterday afternoon and stayed up late working on my SmartBoard lessons, was happy to get them complete by 10:30 pm.

The one thing I'll miss today is the hot water, since I'm sick (still? again?). I filled up my two miniature thermoses with hot water but they don't hold much.

The stove has an electric igniter and gas sensor so I expect it won't work. The kitchen faucet has a flash heater unit on the faucet assembly which is electric, and I'm not sure whether it will work with the power off. Even when running cold water it seems to turn on as I can hear its little motor.

Took some food out of the refrigerator and turned the cold to max, will try not to open it. It's a dorm size so only one opening of the door would pretty much let out all the cold. For some reason it has a freezer compartment as big as the main compartment, it's mostly empty.

More classes have been added to my schedule due to a scheduling emergency, so I will be teaching this evening at a distant school. I don't mind the extra hours, but I'm soooooo sad that this will replace my Kindergarten class as they are my favorite and I love them. I know I will be getting new kindergarten students, but I will miss them so much!

I really hope the power will be back on when I get home tonight.

And now it's time to shut the computer off before the power goes out!


  1. How are the chinese frozen foods? : )


  2. As far as I could tell, the power never went out, but I was still glad that all my lesson plans were finished!

  3. I am glad the power didn't go out but it sounds like you were pretty prepared for it.

  4. Donahoo waves at Malia.

  5. Hi Dmom and Donahoo! Have been sick again, but taking antibiotics and am on the mend (crossing fingers).