Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I went to a flower and plant market with two of my colleagues today.  Half of the building was a cut flower market, and the other half a nursery.  I got myself a tiny water fern and a large plant with green and purple leaves.  (Anyone know what these are?)  Now my apartment looks like someone lives here!  Hopefully the plants' oxygen production will also make the apartment more comfortable in the summer when it gets hot.


  1. Ohhh.. There are really nice!!!

    hmm.. the second plant is a calathea makoyana. Comes originaly from Mexico. Speak spain with her :-D
    And the first one.... erm... ummmm... hmmm... it is green...

  2. Lovely plants! They should make your apartment look great. How hot is it going to get in the summers?

  3. According to the climate data I could find on the web, temps should be similar to the east coast of the US, but even more humid, as this area gets 90% of its annual rainfall in the hot summer months.