Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Unfocused Day

I had a really difficult time focusing on work today.  To start with, in the morning I was feeling so exhausted that I ended up taking a long nap, so I got a late start on my work.  Since I am rarely able to sleep during the day, my body must have needed it; probably a delayed reaction to the heavy workload last weekend. It's worth a late start if it keeps me from getting sick again.

Got the lesson plans and talked about the upcoming promos with our head teacher, that helped relieve some of the anxiety I was having about them.  Came back to my apartment, and started some rice and dumplings steaming, as I hadn't felt like eating in the morning.  I also threw my sneakers in the washing machine.

Now, think back to my earlier entries... remember that sewage smell?  I had put bowls over all the drains to try to keep the smell out.  Well, today the inevitable finally happened... I forgot to take the cover off the washing machine drain and stick the tube in it this time.  The spin cycle went on when I was in the kitchen, so by the time I returned to the bedroom, the washroom and part of the bedroom were flooded.

I quickly shut off the machine, uncovered the drain, and grabbed the mop to start scooting water down the drain as fast as I could.  I hope that I got it quickly enough that it didn't ruin the ceiling for whoever lives downstairs.  Ended up having to move the bed to get all the water up.  More excitement than I wanted today.

After all that, finally ate my lunch and settled down to get some work done on my lesson plans.  I think I got enough done that I will still be able to stay on track for the weekend despite all the extra classes.  It looks like the promo classes will taper off gradually in the next 3 weeks, so the change in workload is not permanent.  Please wish me luck!


  1. (crossing ALL my fingers)

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!

  2. Wow, it really doesn't sound like you are having fun. {{{{Malia}}}}

  3. *hug* *hug* *hug*

    Oh wow....

    and another *hug*

  4. Thanks, Anne and Maureen. (((hugs back)))