Friday, April 16, 2010

Heading into it

Ugh. Again this week, "stuff" happened the last several days that took up my time, so I didn't get my lesson plans done early as I would prefer. It's 11:00pm, and I can not do any more tonight.

Creating even short lessons for the promo classes took FOREVER because they are on a "3 lesson review" week and so had to go through three completely unknown files for classes I don't teach and sort them out for each class and create a new one. Then it was time to go and teach the promos; turns out I could have done a fraction of the work because the 25 minutes I had for each promo there was not nearly enough time to do all I had prepared. Sigh... Well, better over prepared than under prepared, I guess.

Got back home, created the lessons for my 4 classes that are NOT on review this week, and I'm done for the night. My other classes are on review this week, so I will just pull the previous lessons and pick the pages I want to use from them. I don't like to work on the fly like that, but since it's just review, it should be ok.

I'm just too tired to stay up any later with a 9 hour day tomorrow and a scratchy throat threatening to become a cold (nooooooooo, please not again!!!).


  1. Hope it turns out well enough, sounds like someone needs chicken noodle soup :)

    Now I'm hungry...

  2. Hugs. Rolling with the punches seems to be a big part of your life right now. You're amazing. I hope you get a lot of rest soon.

  3. Thanks Chef. I know you hate it, but instant ramen will have to do for now. Chicken soup sounds like way too much work when I'm tired.

    Kaimi, thanks. It's Sunday morning now, one more work day and I can rest.

  4. Quick chicken soup recipe: Roast chicken, eat chicken, throw carcass in pot with water, celery, onion, carrot, bay leaf and roasting juices. Simmer until rest of meat falls off bones. Take out bones,skim fat off top, salt and pepper to taste and enjoy!

  5. Sounds good, Dmom! I haven't got an oven, but I suppose I could boil a chicken. I would have to add GARLIC to that... lots and lots. :D

  6. Grill a chicken? Do you have access to maybe a charcoal grill....put metal pan beneath to catch the juices or if it is a covered grill put it in a foil pan and cover and grill that way...use leftovers as above...makes the most incredible rich soup you ever had....

  7. No, I don't, that sort of thing will have to wait until I'm back in the states.

    Here, I am very grateful to have a brand new stove, even if the heat setting is bizarrely high. (If I turn it on full blast it has two rings of fire and laps around the edges of even my giant soup pot.)

    Western "amenities" are not the standard here. I'm very lucky to have a new apartment with heat in winter, hot water, a shower and a flush toilet.