Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Welcome Party

Last night the school held a welcome dinner for the new teachers at a local restaurant.  It was called Jinhansens Beer and Barbecue, apparently it's supposed to be German themed.  The only thing that could be considered even remotely German was the beer, which was brewed on the premises and was actually very good; they had a yellow colored one and a very dark one. We had three or four toasts before we even started on the food. 

The food was a mishmash.  There were hotpots on the table to cook thinly sliced meat and vegetables in boiling water, a style of cooking I also enjoyed in Japan very much.  There was a buffet style offering of various dishes.  And lastly, perhaps the "German" part, the barbecued meats: waiters wearing strange cowboy outfits would come round periodically with large skewers of meat and slice and serve them at the table.  Those were quite tasty, I even tried beef tongue and liked it.  Yes, I had had a few beers by that time.

In fact, I don't think I've ever drunk so much beer.  At the end of the meal, some of the others headed off to another bar to continue partying, but by that time I had had enough and so they bundled me into a cab and sent me home.  Luckily I was still lucid enough to direct the driver when he wanted to stop several blocks from my apartment.  Cabs are outrageously cheap and plentiful here, if I only knew how to say where I was going... I do know the cross streets to my apartment, so at least I can always get home.  The buses stop running at 9:30 or 10 depending on the season.

Sorry about the overexposure.  Here are the people sitting to my left.

 And to my right, a bit better pic this time.

A shot of the entire table, this includes most of our foreign teachers in Jinan (one is away on a trip).

I was feeling pretty cheerful after all those beers... probably drank at least a pitcher. 

What is it about a large group of people chanting a drunk person's name that makes one stupid enough to drink more?  Oh, and note the obligatory Asian victory symbol my colleague is putting behind my head.  Maybe she had too many beers too.

I won't be drinking that much beer again anytime soon.  I fell asleep directly but woke in the middle of the night with a terribly upset stomach full of beer gas.  Nasty blech ick yuck.

Other than the big evening, I'm trying to take it easy because I have the symptoms of the beginning of a cold, and I want it GONE. I did run the broom and sponge mop around the apartment, as the dust builds up here unbelievably fast.  Probably a mixture of pollution and all the construction and demolition that is going on everywhere here.

Here is my new wallet I bought to replace the one that was stolen. Yay Totoro!!!


  1. Nice pictures; I enjoy reading your stories.


  2. This is most likely as close to visiting Asia as I'll ever get. And the adventures you're having are the kind I might only be able to even handle vicariously.
    Thanks especially for the pictures. You are awesome.

  3. Thanks for the compliments, Donahoo and Kaimi.

  4. Joshooah Lovenkraft16 March, 2010 16:55

    I've been lurking a bit reading your blog but thought I'd pop by and say hello!! I'm jealous of your exciting adventures and wish you the best in your travels!!

  5. Totoro!!! I want one!!! LOL
    Take care hon and have fun!


  6. Hi Joshooah! Thanks for reading me. :)

    Julie it was the only one in the shop, but if I see another one it's yours.

  7. Looks like a wonderful trip Mary! Thanks for sharing. (I'm a little rusty, but here goes:) Ni3 xihuan chung1 wen2 ma? -Rod C

  8. Oops, that should have been "Ni3 xue2xi2 chung1 wen2 ma?"

  9. Mmmmmmm....beer! Save a place for me at the next party! ( he he). Great to see you having a good time after all the hard work you do there. Enjoy reading about your new job and location. (((((BIG HUG))))).


  10. Hi Rod, I have only had three Chinese lessons, so I have no idea what that means, other than that the "ma" at the end indicates that it's a question... :)

    Hi Dich, thanks for dropping by. After the night I spent with a stomach full of air, you can have my share of the beer!