Monday, March 8, 2010

Survived it

On Sunday I was scheduled to observe other teachers' classes all day, and I enjoyed the morning's observations, it was very helpful to see what other teachers are doing with the school's materials. After lunch, however, I was informed that I would be teaching a promotional demo class in the evening, so I was given the intervening hours to put my demo together.  The demo was for pre-kindergarten kids and their parents; in these classes the parents actually sit in on the class and take part.  Two of the Chinese teachers were very helpful when I was putting together my demo and provided moral support.  I think the demo went all right, because after my part was over no one left, all the kids wanted to stay and play more games!  When I left, the Chinese teacher was still entertaining the children.  They were all under 4 years old, and cute as buttons.

Today I had a much needed day off.  Like last Monday, I determined not to do any schoolwork on this day.  I read, did some laundry and housecleaning, went to the store, and now have chicken adobo (with extra garlic) cooking on the stove.I was pleased that I was able to find the correct ingredients, as things are often packaged very differently here.  For example, many liquids are packaged in bags.  Milk, yogurt, some sauces, cheap alcohol and even fabric softener.  I have no idea how one is supposed to use them without making a mess; I guess I had better save some water bottles. So far, I have been buying milk in those little drink boxes that juice comes in back home, that have a little bendy straw to poke through the top.  Eggs come in a string bag like onions, and I'm always afraid that I'll crush them on the walk home.

I got an SD card reader and can now download the pics from my camera. I will be adding them to my older blog posts according to when I took the pics, so please have a look back.


  1. Deborah Gordon08 March, 2010 12:13

    Wow, Mary. This is amazing! Thanks so much for sharing. Sounds very hard, though. Hang in there!

  2. eggs in a string bag, oh it takes me back to those days of "horse sweat" and "fromage drink"
    I'm glad your demo went well and you had a proper day off.
    You are missed, loved and thought about often!

  3. During my time in Iowa, I found a convenience store chain that sold milk in bags. It was much less expensive, so we bought it often when I lived within reach of their store. They provided a plastic pitcher with a slit to hold the end of the bag positioned correctly. It worked wonderfully - wondered if the same type of thing might be available there, or if you could produce your own...

  4. Deborah: Thanks. It's tough to maintain my energy level for 9 hours straight with young children, but they really are cute and sweet and that is a reward of its own.

    Rose: I had forgotten about the fromage... ew.

    Brian: I may just get a funnel and pour the milk into a used water bottle, I have several of those hanging around. It's great to hear from you!