Saturday, March 6, 2010

The longest day

Stayed up until 4:45am last night finishing up lesson plans for today's 9 classes, of course every one of them is a different level so each one needs a lesson plan.  Having one teacher teach all the kids the same level would be just too easy... ?

Then out of the house at 7:00am to start my day, 9 hours of lessons in 3 hour blocks at two different school locations.  I survived, some lessons went well and some did not, and I'm really beat.  Going to shower and crash.  Goodnight all.


  1. omg, it sounds soooo hard!!
    What a bad hair day....

    I just hope you sleep well!!
    And some sweet dreams!!!!

  2. I'm sorry I'm late wishing you Happy Birthday. I'm loving reading this blog; you describe everything so well and it's all so interesting.
    I really really hope it gets less gruelling for you very soon.

  3. Thanks Obee and Kaimi. :)