Monday, March 22, 2010

Courtyard Party

Monday being my day off, I spent the day quietly, went to the store and that's all.  But I have something to report!  I just had a "unique China experience". 

I heard music from the courtyard earlier and looked out the window, but I had the light on, so I could dimly see only some figures and a boombox.  Assumed it was some teens hanging out and forgot about it.

But then a few minutes ago, I went into the kitchen to get some water, and it was dark so I could see clearly outside.  There are about a dozen middle aged women down in the courtyard playing music and doing line dancing!  I have no idea whether this is an impromptu party, an aerobics class, senior night, a dance class, a rehearsal for a festival...?  It may be a coincidence, as it's too dark to see really well, but most of them are wearing dark pants and red jackets.  As I was watching, the song changed and two of the women started doing some kind of ballroom dancing with each other while the others continued messing around with the line dancing. 


  1. I hope you find out more about these dancing women. It sounds kind of sweet.

  2. I'm still not sure what they are doing, but they were there again this evening.