Thursday, March 11, 2010


First off, I would like to thank all of you who have taken the time to leave me comments, and even if I have not replied to each and every one individually, please know that I *DO* appreciate your comments, very much.  Every one is a blessing.

Going into the weekend and working on lesson plans like mad.  My pre-k class this week which meets on Wed and Thur evenings was great, the parents come to the class and I'm experimenting with ways to involve them more. The little ones are so cute.

They have added two classes and a demo to my Sunday schedule.  The other teachers say that the schedule changes are pretty much a constant thing, which isn't what I wanted to hear. I was really hoping that my schedule would eventually firm up, as I find the last minute changes stressful.  Once I'm familiar with the materials, i.e., AFTER my first term working here, it will be much easier as I won't have to come up with a lesson plan for every class I teach. 

Tomorrow first thing in the morning I go to the goverment whatsit with one of our office admins to apply for the residence permit. That is something this school is very good about, taking care of legalities for us.

Then home and 7 more lessons to plan!  I have 9 classes on Saturday and 8 on Sunday including the demo.  Don't be surprised if I'm silent until Monday...


  1. So glad you made it safely and are starting to get acclimated. It *WILL* get easier and less stressful as you get more and more familiarized with the material, the surroundings, and your coworkers. Hang in there, Mal!!! (((BIGHUGGGS)))


  2. Lol, Malia, sounds like me trying to hammer out my newsletter drafts! I always get those last minute changes and yes, it can be a bit stressful at times. I suspect you will get into the swing of it quicker than you think and find your rhythm. It is a lot to go to a foreign place and try to settle in and work etc. since literally everything is new and different. This truly is an adventure to remember, keep those pictures coming! *hugses*

  3. Thanks for the words of encouragement, Horatio and Dmom.

  4. Ohhh Malia, Como eatas?.. Que Tal chica linda? oops is this Spanish?.. gezzz do they speak Spanish in China?. I hope you are well and relaxing dear lady.. I think of you often.


  5. Thanks Gran! Hugs!!!!
    No relaxing until Monday, weekends are when we work 10 hour days.

  6. I love reading about this but we miss you too.


  7. We miss you Mary! Whats my fortune cookie say?


  8. Thanks Donahoo.

    Julie, it says you will be blessed with many wonderful friends. :)