Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Travails

What a day.  Today was exhausting but am feeling much more positive. Five of us went with our admin to some kind of government health clinic for a physical exam required for the Foreign Expert Work residency permit. We got:
  • Blood pressure 
  • Height/weight 
  • EKG 
  • Ultrasound 
  • Vision test 
  • X-ray 
  • Urine test 
  • Blood test 
I am so glad we all went together because it was really a bizarre and daunting experience, but we joked a lot to get through it  They processed us as a group and we were laughing and goofing around.  The locals must have thought we were totally nuts.

Our admin took us all to McDonalds afterward, which I thought was kind of funny, but having not eaten since yesterday because of the blood test, I was so hungry that it tasted wonderful. 

Got to ride the bus at least four times today, at least that is pretty much like any big city.  Traffic is nuts here, it follows the rules very loosely, but there must be some implicit rules because despite the fact that everyone is doing as they please and navigating by use of the horn, I didn't see anyone actually crash. Crossing the street is a lot like the old arcade game "Frogger".

Didn't have time to go back to the apartment after that so I just took a nap in the teacher lounge at the school and then it was time for our training with our foreign director.  We got introduced to the curriculum and watched a model class, the tiny kids were so cute.

Walked back to the apartment with the foreign director, so hopefully I will be able to find my way to school in the morning.  I will try to get around on foot at least until the weather gets too hot for me. I need the exercise and there are a ton of interesting little shops and food joints on the side streets. We got some steamed buns at a place near the school, my first real Chinese food and it was really tasty.

 I'm glad our admin took me for a sample shopping trip in the supermarket after I arrived here, because some of the procedures I wouldn't have known, such as having the employee weigh up the produce. Braved the supermarket on my own this evening to buy new pillows, go me! 

After watching our admin shepherd all of us through the exams today and listening to the very vocal complaints of one teacher couple who hate their apartment, I think he should be nominated for sainthood.


  1. It sounds like quite the adventure. Wishing you the best. Thanks for sharing, Tex

  2. Wow..glad you made it there safely! What an adventure. :D Thank you for sharing it with us. like a carbon copy of Tex's comment. :D

  3. I am so loving this blog! Thanks for giving me the chance to experience your adventure vicariously which is likely to be as close as I ever come to visiting let alone living in China.
    My best wishes always and lots of hugs and admiration.

  4. McD's, Frogger and steamed buns. This has it all. Have fun.

  5. Tex, Mo, Kaimi and GL, thank you so much for reading my lil ol blog, I hope that my humble words can provide some interest, entertainment or even just a smile.