Thursday, May 23, 2013

Around Berlin

23 May 2013

Here are some random pics from around Berlin.

Inside the Hauptbahnhof (main train station). I love the glass structure, but the train was just arriving so had to hop on and not take more photos.

On my daily bike ride to school, I passed by this lovely church: Pfingstkirche, Friedrichshain.

In front of the church is a fabulous park area with a playground and lawn. On sunny afternoons it was crowded with picnickers.

A child's warning - do not drink poison? Do not use pesticides? Do not throw plastic bottles on the ground?

A gloomy day at Frankfurter Tor.

But these lovely little blooming wildflowers were a bright spot.

I still find the building art fascinating, whether it is graffiti or not. I think these were apartments.

This one is in Prenzlauerberg. Love the details in this artwork.

This incredible mysterious locked up and ovegrown brick building is next to the Burgeramt in Prenzlauerberg. It looks like a church, but we cannot identify it.

And again the compass needle of the Ferrnsehturm in the city center.

Architectural detail of a building on Frankfurter Allee.

And a little fractured English. What are they trying to say about their shop or products? I have no idea.
Hi I don't care thank you.

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