Sunday, September 23, 2012

Figs, figs, figs!

22 September 2012

The fig tree in the front yard is producing like crazy now. The starlings are on the top of it every day, but mostly they only get the figs that are too high to reach with the small ladder. Many of the figs from the top of the tree drop onto the yard and sidewalk, making a figgy mess.
Today I picked two big bowls full of figs (using my lunchbox because it has a carrying strap) and only half of them would fit into the food dehydrator. That is not counting all the ones I ate while I was on the ladder!
I'll probably do another round of picking tomorrow, because I won't be able to get to it again until Friday. I'm not certain why, but this year many of the figs are beginning to ferment before they are ready to pick, so I've picked most of them just a tiny bit underripe - ripe enough for eating, but not "perfect". A perfectly ripe fig is just beginning to wrinkle, drooping at the stem and easy to pick.

Speaking of perfection, near the garage, one of the rosebushes has a couple of perfect blossoms right now. The first one, as seen from the side.
 From above, also perfect.
 The second one is slightly older and so it has a bit of "sunburn" in its color.

Update: Here is a picture of the dried figs after about 16 hours in the dehydrator.

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