Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cat under a box, and other stuff

15 August 2012

Why spend good money on cat toys? Empty box in the hallway = perfect toy.
Actually, this wand thing with a long dangly bit of fleece has been the favorite toy of every cat I've owned, so it is an exception to the rule and worth the cost. Some cats seem to like the wrong end of the toy, but they all love it.
Hilarious video of large cat squeezing through small opening under box.

Snoozing in the shade on a hot day, ahhhhh.
 He spends most of his time outdoors having a wonderful time chasing things, but occasionally he comes in the house for a cuddle.

More cacti in bloom. This one is the same type of cactus as the one that bloomed like crazy a few weeks ago, but the blossoms are no less beautiful when there are only two of them.
 The leaves behind belong to the neighbor's tree, as this is up against the fence.
 This one is a night blooming Cereus - a very scrawny and unremarkable looking cactus, until it blooms. The bloom withers when the sun hits it, so it is very ephemeral.

  I forgot to take a photo with something in it to reference the size. The blossom is wider than I can stretch my fingertips, and I have fairly large hands.

Here is today's dinner - delicious but not pretty. This is quite possibly the worst food photo ever. I guess I won't make Iron Chef anytime soon.

The above picture shows Pork with Rhubarb Sauce, which turned out quite well - the rhubarb sauce is very tart-sweet, so the overall effect is similar to serving turkey with cranberry sauce. The tangy sauce contrasts with the flavor and texture of the meat. The rhubarb is from the garden, and I wanted to try a non dessert recipe with it.

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