Saturday, June 23, 2012

Noite de Carreteiro e Violão

23 June 2012

A fabulous evening with my friends, homemade dinner and guitar singalong until the wee hours.
Edited to add comments and videos

The friend who hosted the party has a FABULOUS apartment. Look at this view!

The cook wouldn't allow anyone to help in the kitchen, so potatoes were being peeled in the living room.
Wine, friends, balcony, view... very nice.
The cook, doing it all on her own!
I have got to learn guitar, it is such a great way to entertain friends.
Dinner is almost ready and they are lining up near the kitchen!
Someone always has to be silly...

Carreteiro is a rice dish which traditionally was made with rice and whatever leftover meat and vegies were around, but ours was made from scratch.
Om nom nom!!!
After dinner, the whole group gathered around the guitars, I love this.
Cool lighting effects in the Disco Apartment.

The TV is on, but no one is watching it. Win!

Bright and shiny faces.
Oh my god, what happened here?

And now, the videos, so that when my Brazilian friends become famous I can say, "I knew them when..."
This is hilarious. He sings "Besame Mucho" in a parody of various languages. It always has everyone rolling on the floor laughing.
The lone Gypsy King!
The guitars kept changing hands as the hands needed a break. There were two guitars and at least four players.

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