Sunday, February 12, 2012

Weekend stuff

12 February 2012

I had a quiet weekend, spent some time in the sun, relaxed and tried to catch up on the sleep I missed last week due to several days of insomnia.

Borrowed a cooler to put my food in so that I could defrost the freezer.  What a time consuming task.  I wish the whole world would change to frost free refrigerators.  See the nice pile of ice in the sink?

The red flowers on this tree are very striking.  So far no one has been able to tell me what the tree is called.
 The flowers are large, each about the size of my hand and the petals are very shiny.
 The buds resemble a bunch of bananas.

These pictures were taken from the upper floor of the school on the balcony, because it's hard to see the flowers well from the ground.
 This morning I had a guest... I was sitting on the sofa when I saw this big tarantula crawling toward the front door (the right direction!!!).  I wonder if it was living under the sofa, because of the dust/lint balls on its feet.
 I opened the door and it went forward a bit and then stopped.  I regret to say that I got impatient and "helped" it outside with the broom. Although I tried not to hurt it, I did frighten it into paralysis - the poor thing lay in the plants at the side of the porch for at least 20 minutes without moving.  I never thought I would feel so sorry for a spider.
 Today I made some black bean chili.  As I was measuring the spices, they looked so pretty I had to take a picture.

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