Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Rio de Janeiro, Day 1, arrival

21 December 2011

Rio de Janeiro... I took so many pictures that it's hard to choose some to show you.  I will have to divide up Rio into many blog entries so that one entry isn't too long.

Here are the pics from the first day.

On the plane, woohoo!
 A view of Florianopolis where the plane had a stop.  It's a place famous for its beauty, and from what I saw through the window in the air and on the ground, it really does look beautiful.
 This mystified me... a strange unnatural looking strip of beach.  Anyone know about it?
 My first view of Rio from the air.
These ceramic power line insulators reminded me of a long ago childhoot trip to the desert, where I found a bunch of broken bits of these and spent hours playing with them.
I had the good fortune that a gentleman sat next to me on the airport bus who had lived most of his life in Rio and was delighted to tell me all about everything we passed, so I got a free tour (and practice in Portuguese).  The bus ride was 90 minutes in total and he was on it for about an hour of that.
This is the financial district of Rio. He told me that the building on the left was significant, but unfortunately I've forgotten what it was.
 This is either the state treasury or the mint, complete with guard.
 This is the public library, I think.  I found it intriguing that the building was in an old European style, but the window above the door was pure Art Deco.
 This building has something to do with the navy, complete with sea monsters wrapping around the window.
 A park we passed with mystery trees.  I have since been advised that these are cacao trees (chocolate!!!!).
 My first view of the famous Copacabana beach.

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