Friday, December 23, 2011

Rio de Janeiro, Day 3, Tour - Beaches

23 December 2011

I went on a tour and took so many photos I must divide it up by location.  Phew!

First part of the tour, we drove down Copacabana and Ipanema to the beach just below Dos Irmaos mountain.

There are concession stands all along the beaches, people go to the beach and then rent a chair, umbrella, and buy all their food and drink from the stand nearest them.  They keep coming round to check if you need something. I'd say it's a racket, but they are running around in the hot sun and scorching sand all day, so they definitely earn whatever they get!
 An especially pretty nativity scene on the street.
 First view of Dois Irmaos.
 We paused very briefly to look at the most famous favela of all, Rocinha.
 The beach here at the end of Ipanema below Dois Irmaos.  The wind sock is because there are hang gliders coming down from Dois Irmaos and landing on the beach here.

 The man kindly let me pose with his hang glider.  I can't imagine flying this thing.
 Better to watch someone ELSE do it!

 A very lovely Brazilian specialty is sorbet made of acai berries.  It's very tart and rich, and served with granola.
 Coconut on the beach!
 The flesh of the coconut is nothing like dried coconut, either in texture or flavor.

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