Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day to rest like the dead

02 November 2011

Today we didn't have classes due to the holiday Dia de Finados (Day of the Dead).  I had a pretty quiet day as I want to make sure that my foot will be healed enough for a camping trip in two weeks.

I made six or seven "catch-up" posts here and have finally got all my photos uploaded.  The new posts are interspersed with existing posts, so they might be hard to find.  Here's a list.

Took some photos in the garden (what a surprise!).  I've been finding empty eggshells around the garden lately, this is the most beautiful one.
 The rose arbor in front of my door is looking really lovely now.
 One tiny flower stalk growing in the grass like a weed - looks like an allium.

I also did a little cooking, today's recipe is Arroz de Carreteiro (wagon driver's rice).

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