Monday, April 11, 2011

Boat Tour on the Spree, Berlin

11 April 2011

We took a really nice boat tour on the Spree River, which flows through central Berlin.  It was a really nice way to see the architecture of the city, especially with tired footsies!

The palace of some-prince-or-other, made of red sandstone.
 Locks to another part of the river - we turned around here.
 Passing our starting point again.  The boat that is docked you can see how the roof retracts in nice weather, nice feature.
 There must be hundreds of bridges on this river, and every one of them is different.
 A building on Museuminsel (Museum Island).
 Former palace of some kind of military archbishop.
Another bridge.
 And another.
 View of the Reichstag building from the river.
 Need help remembering stuff.  This building had something to do with media or the press, I think.
 This red brick bridge was particularly beautiful.
 I think this is a theatre or stadium.
 People strolling and relaxing by the river's edge.
 We turned around before this next bridge.  Beyond it is Bellevue, a residence of the president or PM or someone.  Wish I had uploaded these pics right away when I still remembered everything!
 The edge of the Tiergarten.
 A really weird modern building that locals call the washing machine (presumably because it's hideous).
 Coming toward the red brick bridge again on the return trip.
 OK, the bridge is beautiful but this lady is NOT. Yikes.
 Big glass train station.  It's pretty impressive from inside, too.
 These folks sunning at the riverside were having a good time waving and hamming it up for the boats passing by.
 Annnd another bridge.
 Oooooh, and another bridge!
 Interesting juxtaposition with the graffiti at the water's edge and the gorgeous old brick manufacturing building behind it.
Another shot of Museum Island, and... hey, look! Another bridge!
 More Museum Island.
 Museum Island on the right, another bridge in front of us, and the Berliner Dom in the distance.  We debarked just the other side of the bridge.
A hilarious graffiti on the dock where we debarked.
 WW2 bullet holes in the wall, also on the dock where we debarked.
 Looking back at the boat. And a bridge.

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