Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Backdated posts

23 November 2011

Since I'm caught up on uploading all my photos of Brazil, I've been uploading older photos from my trip to Germany (I can't believe how many photos I took!).  After a few days at the top, I move the posts to their proper chronological order.  So, if you want to see them, please look at the archive section for April 2011 or search for posts about Germany.

Today we had a lesson about Thanksgiving, with some poems, storytelling and drawing.  The kids loved the game "Gobble, gobble, cook me" (duck, duck, goose) at the end of the lesson.

Today the weather has been changing rapidly from sunny to cloudy to sunny again, I'm hoping it won't rain on my laundry.  Just another day here in paradise...

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