Friday, August 12, 2011

Inside the Cathedral

I'm not going to talk about teaching today because it's been a stressful week and I'm tired and need to relax.  

Today I got to see the inside of the Catedral de São João Batista at last.  Here is another shot of the cathedral and its reflection, as seen from the park called Getúlio Vargas Square.

While in GV Square, I saw a commotion off to the street side, and wandered over to investigate, like the tourist that I am.
I thought maybe it would be music, but it turned out to be a couple of guys doing some kind of sensation act with knives.
 I don't know what the wheel of knives was for, the guys spent so long talking to work up the crowd that I grew tired of waiting for something to happen and left.
The Cathedral again (I told you there would be many more pictures of it).
Cute lil' shrubbery...
Inside at last!
Gorgeous stained glass panels throughout the church, and even in some nooks and crannies where I wouldn't expect them.
 I was unable to see from the inside what had been done to make the stained glass so visible from the outside of the church in the daylight - perhaps it's just that the more modern stained glass (the church was built in the 20th century) has brighter pigments.

 I really love the way the light looks in this picture.
 One more shot of the vaulted ceiling before leaving.
I love that one can see palm trees outside the door. 

For contrast, and just because we walked past it, here is a picture of the Lutheran church.

The moonrise from my front porch.  The moon is almost full tonight and I'm told that the Perseid meteor showers are going on as well, so I'll probably pop outside later to see if I can see any.
 The sunset at the same time, but I had to step across the lawn to get a view of it, as I haven't got a view directly westward.

Lastly, the Brazilian food of the day... BACON CRISPS!  It's got bacon and surfing, how could I resist this tempting product?  (Apparently, surfers like bacon...?)  Good thing they don't sell these in the USA; they are very tasty, just like bacon, only with about ten times the amount of salt.  Can you say "heart attack"?


  1. mary,
    so after looking through ur photos my bf realized that u are living in his hometown! small small world!!!

  2. Hi Holly,
    That is a surprise, especially as this is not a very big city. Does he have any advice for a newbie in town?
    I'm happy to hear from you! :)

  3. i know! i was funny cuz i was looking at your blog and i was like "oh my former coworker is teaching in brazil now" and he asked what city you were in. i didnt know but on your blog it popped up the current time in santa cruz do sul and he goes NO WAY!!! thats my city! so we took a look at ur photos and he knew all of the places and even said that the school u are at is the best in the city :) i will ask him about things to do and see. i thought it was pretty crazy tho that of all the places in brazil you are in his hometown hahaha!!!

  4. The bacon crisps were so salty, they could almost mummify a person after one bag.

    ... but good, though! (now that joke will be stuck in your head)