Saturday, June 11, 2011

More on vaccinations and visas

On Thursday I got the last of my Hepatitis A/B vaccinations, along with Poliomyelitis and Influenza.  Ironically, out of all of these vaccinations, the one that actually made me ill was influenza.  About 24 hours after the shot, I started getting symptoms, and shortly had headache, body aches and a fever.  Thankfully, I was able to get in and out of the Brazilian Consulate before this "mini-flu" hit.  Feeling better today.

Drove down to the Brazilian Consulate in LA to submit all the paperwork for the visa application.  I felt a bit tongue-tied when answering some of the verbal questions, but apparently I passed, because she told me I could pick up the visa next Friday and gave me a receipt.  I still don't feel like I will quite believe it until I have it in my hot little hand.

I managed to remember how to say "Bom dia" on my way out and the agent gave me a big smile. :)

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I want to publicly thank Todd Kaplan for the excellent information he provided regarding the visa application process.  If you are considering using a visa expediting agency, I can sincerely recommend for prompt and friendly service.
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