Friday, June 3, 2011

Applying for the Visa

I've now finished the teaching practicum course and have time to devote to the next step toward Brazil, which is collecting the proper documentation for the visa application.  Recommendation letters, police report, bank and credit statements, proof of residence, birth certificate, passport, extra passport photos, school acceptance documents from Brazil, round trip travel ticket, and LOTS OF FEES.

The travel ticket feels like a Catch-22 situation; I must have the air ticket to apply for the visa, but if the visa application is rejected I will not be able to use the ticket.  I haven't purchased it yet, but had better do it as soon as possible.

I have just one more round of Hepatitis vaccine left, next week that will be complete.

It's also time to start hitting the Portuguese language materials and thinking about what items I want to bring with me, particularly those things that might not be readily available in Brazil.  For example, a year's supply of the only type of dental floss that doesn't shred to pieces between my teeth...

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