Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Friedrichshagen and Müggelsee

19 April, 2011

This time we took a day trip out to a local lake called Müggelsee, just near the town of Friedrichshagen, about an hour outside Berlin.  Here is the front of the gorgeous train station.
Walking through the village.
This building belonged to a publishing house; the name and date are inscribed on the side of the building.
The red cylinder in front of the building is typical of those seen all on the streets all over Berlin (most are not red though).  I was told that the news used to be posted on these for all to read.  Now they just hold event posters.
The church at the center of the village, Christophorus Kirche.

The lake (Müggelsee) quite big, with a walking/bicycling path all the way around it, and ferryboats to get across or tour the lake.  We had a lovely walk through the woods around the lake.

We walked about 1/4 of the way around the lake (1 hour's walk) to a restaurant/boat launch area called Rübezahl (the name of a mythical forest spirit).
As one would expect at a resort area, there were a number of greedy waterfowl (ducks, coots and swans) looking for bread handouts... and getting them, too!
Feeling relaxed and lazy, we took the ferry back to the main landing.
It was a perfect afternoon for a boat ride, breezy and sunny.

The famous local brewery, Berliner Bürgerbräu, which was in business from 1753-2010, as seen from the lake.  To the left is the mouth of the river that feeds into the lake, so this was clearly an ideal business location for the company to ship its product.
On the shore of the lake, there was a little food stand with a fake "beach" (aka sandbox).
There are some bars and cafes right in Berlin with similar faux "beaches" which I, as a Californian, found hilarious.  

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