Saturday, April 30, 2011

Massive Photo Upload Project

As you know, I have still got thousands of pictures from my travels in China and Germany.  Since I was busy living life, I didn't always have the time, energy and/or internet connection to post to the blog, especially due to the large number of photos.  For most experiences, I have anywhere from 100-500 photos (that is AFTER taking out the really bad ones), of which I must choose the best 20 or you would all run away screaming!  Trying to decide which photos best epitomize each experience takes me a long time... (is "best epitomize" redundant?)

So, here's the plan for the coming week while I wait for my next teaching course to begin:  I will make the "old" entries at the front of my blog so you can see them, then after y'all have had a chance to look at them, I will move them into their correct date sequence.

Some of the existing Germany entries will also get a few photo/video updates in the coming days.

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